The Driving Force … to study at Agricultural University of Athens

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The Driving Force … to study at Agricultural University of Athens

Α Special Layout to the Strong and Interrelated Reasons & Motivations for Studying at the Agricultural University of Athens, entitled: The Driving Force …  to study at Agricultural University of Athens, which is a much colourful and varied album, a photo library, disseminating distinctive AUA information and news, featuring the University’s state-of-the-art, both in the central infrastructures in Athens and across the Regional Units in Central Greece, having a look at the Erasmus+ Mobility Programs, including the list of partner Universities, as well as highlighting the Institution’s most significant historical, educational, research, cultural, sports and social events, in addition to becoming aware of the AUA History and the Museum of Agriculture as a Culture Hub and the Labs provided by every Department and all the pertinent Greenhouses too, the great Plant Nursery of Ornamental Plants, the Vineyards, and the AUA Agricultural Holdings, across Athens and the surroundings, the superb Botanical Garden and so on.

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