CLICHA project dissemination (ICTAI-2021)

19/07/2021 - 11:56 -- Iosif Mpizelis
Εργαστήριο Γενικής και Ειδικής Ζωοτεχνίας
CLICHA project dissemination (ICTAI-2021)
Ακαδημαϊκές Συνεργασίες Ερευνητικά Προγράμματα

The Department of Industrial Design and Production Engineering participated in the International Conference on Textile and Apparel Innovation (ICTAI-2021) on 8-10 June with the presentations “Regenerated Cellulosic Fibers from Agricultural Waste” by S.Plakantonaki and Mechanical And Physical Properties of Biobased Alkyd Emulsion Modified with Colloidal nano-SiO2 by  L.-O. Angelis.

During the 1st presentation, the scope of the projects “Innovative Bridal Dresses and Baptismal Clothes From Peach Textile With eco-Consciousness” (RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE project T1EDK-00084), Erasmus+ “Climate change in Agriculture” and Erasmus+ Fostering innovation in the Jordan and Moroccan textile industry was analytically presented.

19/07/2021 - 11:56