New Webinar “Climate change and livestock production”

17/07/2021 - 20:22 -- Iosif Mpizelis
Εργαστήριο Γενικής και Ειδικής Ζωοτεχνίας
New Webinar “Climate change and livestock production”
Ακαδημαϊκές Συνεργασίες Ερευνητικά Προγράμματα

The 5th session of the webinar series on the subjects of “Climate Change in Agriculture”, organized by the CLICHA consortium, took place on Wednesday, 30/06/2021, through the ZOOM platform and was broadcasted through the Facebook page of the project.

The webinar explored the topic of the effects of Climate Change on Livestock Production. The subject was covered by two distinguished speakers, Assistant Professor George Laliotis, from the Agricultural University of Athens, and Dr. George Symeon, Associate researcher in the Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER. The webinar was moderated by the Project Manager of CLICHA, Faye Plakantonaki.

The first speaker’s presentation was entitled “Livestock production towards climate change” and discussed the new challenges that all livestock systems have to face in the context of climate change as well as the mitigation measures that could be applied to minimize the effects.

The second speaker focused on the “Effects of climate change on Poultry Production” and discussed the possibilities of the poultry sector to adapt to the new conditions as well as the effects that this adjustment will have in terms of productivity and costs.


17/07/2021 - 20:22